Studio Wipf-Weidmann
Graphic Design & Art Direction
A Zurich-based design studio specialized in the development and conception of holistic visual appearances:
collaborative works by Coralie Wipf and Samuel Weidmann.  

Samuel Weidmann is a graphic designer based in Zurich, CH running his own design studio. His work takes place in the intersection between webdesign and animation, development of related identities, design conception as well as full stack web development / coding. Since 2017 he has been teaching at the Zurich Uni­versity of the Arts (ZHdK) in the field of new media, in particular webdesign and animation for the Departement Design, Visual Communication.

Coralie Wipf is a visual designer based in Zurich, CH running her own design studio. Her work explores the essence of identities and includes versatility in graphic design, cultural management, exhibitions, and workshops. This enables her to accompany the path individually and explore the essence of identities. She aims to impart significance to identities, irrespective of their size, by making them visible and thereby emphasizing their relevance. 

Commissioned work spans from clients in cultural to commercial fields and is complemented by self-initiated projects.
Albisriederstrasse 203a
CH—8047 Zurich